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Red Pitaya SDR as Core of CW Skimmer – Part 2, Notes and Updates

Additional Red Pitaya CW skimmer notes, last update 2018-08-22 for original detailed post see:  Red Pitaya SDR as Core of CW Skimmer – Part 1 Notes and Updates 2019-02-01

Note 4, RX Antenna:  The skimmer system is now using the 3.8 wave inverted L as its RX antenna full time.  The only anticipated interruptions will be occasional 160m contests.


Note 1:  Skimmer station outage in mid July 2018, cause appears to be rx antenna related.

Note 2, Transformer:  N6TV identified a mini circuits 14:1 transformer that is suitable for use with the Red Pitaya on RX.  Expect the transformer to be available from Red Pitaya, or occasionally N6TV.  Available from mini-circuits vendors, but may be expensive in quantity 1.

Note 3, RX antenna:  Some what by accident I discovered that the 160m L I use for transmit seems to make a fine all-band rx antenna for the Red Pitaya skimmer set up.  FWIW, the antenna is about 140 feet of wire.  About 60-70 feet vertical, with the remainder making a dog-leg turn from top of vertical section.  From there it runs horizontally  NW to second support about 40 feet away, and a second sharper turn to the east, horizontally and slightly downward for the remainder which runs west to east.  The radial system is the K2AV type folded counterpoise system described in more detail at link.

Field Day 2018 – 1B NC de W4KAZ

2018 FD W4KAZ at the beach. […]

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Red Pitaya Notes


N6TV notes

HamSCI notes

SDR Comparison on Skimmer Server (JF2IWL, Dai)

SDR calibration for Skimmer Server, SM7IUN

HPSDR-CW Skimmer plugin for Hermes(incl. Red Pitaya, by K3IT)

N6TV useful links to all the required software files and extras, with proper credit to all the developers and enthusiasts who made it possible for simple folks like us to replace our failed QS1Rs with a Red Pitaya or two: Creating a 6-Band RBN Receiver Using a Red Pitaya by W2NAF (good pictures showing where to move the jumper) How to run Red Pitaya on input 2 Running two red Pitaya skim servers By N6TV RTTY and CW skimmer simultaneously  by N6TV Paring down csv files By N6TV Customized Red Pitaya SD Card Image File by Pavel Demin by Petr Parýzek – see complete Installation Instructions – Intel Integrated Primitives Library required by CWSL_Tee vcredist_x86.exe – Microsoft C runtime library required by CWSL_Tee by Vasiliy Gokoyev, K3IT Running-RTTYSkimServer-and-CW-SkimServer.pdf by N4ZR RBN Aggregator 4.4 by W3OA HDSDR 2.76 by DG0JBJ CW Skimmer Server 1.5 by VE3NEA RTTY Skimmer Server 1.2 by VE3NEA OmniRig by VE3NEA (optional) Putty SSH Client for Windows, developed and supported by various volunteers Preparing a Red Pitaya SD Card (not required unless you want to restore the SD image that came pre-installed, using the Win32 Disk Imager) […]

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