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About Radio W4KAZ

Hello. This is the site of Keith, W4KAZ, the “Bob Uecker” of amateur radio contesting.


Current SE-USA WX – Click image for expanded radar loop

I was first licensed as WB5VWK as a high school student, but I unfortunately allowed that license to lapse. I grew interested in radio again after seeing a couple of local yards sporting Yagi’s, and I was re-licensed as KG4EQD as Tech-plus and then Advanced in 2000. I passed the 20 wpm code test(and have the CSCE certificate!) before the Extra requirements changed, but my upgrade paper work was delayed until after April 2001 change. I currently hold the Extra class license.

Because of my station limitations I operate primarily during HF contests, predominantly on SSB. I’m trying to build up my CW skills to the necessary level for more serious contesting, but that is less easy than I had hoped.

I will generally QSL only for SASE or through the “buro”, see my entry for QSL information. I use LOTW for all contest QSO’s, and will upload all other QSO’s to LOTW AFTER I obtain my LOTW DXCC. (It’s an experiment!)

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