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–Home Brew Projects

This page is a centralized bookmark list of documentation of home brew radio related projects from around the W4KAZ shack. There will also be a few outside links thrown in for items I have found on the web that I’d like to be able to find again.

SoftRock/CW Skimmer Related:

  1. Skimmer station general approach
  2. Skimmer hardware platforms
  3. Skimmer band details
  4. Skimmer Sound Card Reviews
  5. W4KAZ CW Skimmer Station(all info)
  6. Si570 Oscillator for use with Softrock Lite RX

SO2R related:

  1. Band Pass Filters(a series of postings)

  2. SO2R Series- Engineer the Possible

  3. SO2r summary, with links to schematics


  1. Using PL-259’s on CATV F11

  2. Simple Two Position Remote Antenna Switch

  3. Other Remote Switch Project Ideas

  4. Yet more Remote Switch Project Ideas

  5. Elecraft K2 Cooling Fan

  6. Useful Parts List(Small Parts List)

  7. Home Brew Station Desk on Wheels

  8. CW Touch-Keyer kit

  9. G3TXQ BroadBanded hexagonal Beam

  10. Home Brew Knobs

  11. Seven position remote antenna switch

  12. The K9AY

  13. RX antenna 160m/80m band splitter

  14. W7IUV Preamp project

  15. 160m/80m Switch and Matching Network(in progress)

  16. Home Brew Convertable Table/Bench

Outside Links:

  1. The K3NG rain cover.

  2. W7IUV Page; W7IUP preamp project

  3. The Penny Stove. (once again, hat tip to K3NG)


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