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Remote Antenna Switches

A little look at some interesting remote switch projects.

Far Circuits has the KO4NR project from QST, April 05antenna switch project. It is the circuit board and a full set of the required Zettler relays(az755-1c-12DE). A six position remote switch for only $36 plus shipping. Not bad. It is listed under “Repeater, Controller, and Station Accessories”.

Also KK1L has a 2×6 switch project posted on his site. It uses the same Zettler relay as the KO2NR project. A quick look at the data sheet shows that the P&B relay RTE24012F or RT424012 has a pin layout similar enough to be substituted for the Zettler. The Zettler has a 20A rating(both poles) while the P&B is rated at 16A. Pricing is similar, and the 16A P&B is in wide use in full power stations. Boards are not currently available from KK1L, but he has the full schematics posted.  Here is an analysis of the switch by AC0C.

Lacking PCB etching supplies and skills, it might be possible to produce a usable board for the Ko4NR project using a dremel tool. My own home brew switch was constructed dead bug style. It shows losses on 15m and 10m. I have a couple more antenna problems begging to besolved with 2 or 3 position remote switches. I think I’ll take a swat at connecting the so239 jacks via home brewed stripline.  Here’s an online stripline calculator.

KK1L also has a nice SO2R home brew project.

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  • Mike Hamann

    Hi k4kaz!
    Some of your links are “broken” or non-existent, especially I noticed under “Remote Antenna Switches”. All the links pointing to KK1L’s projects are broken.

    ko4nr links appear to be working okay.

    Best regards,
    Mike, wb6csh

    • Thanks. Apologies for delayed response.

      Keeping the links current is difficult. I’d rather just plagiarize their content, but that’s just rude. 😉

      Nothing on the internet is permanent. Better to print to PDF any reference materials you find while they are available. It won’t be long before any given website expires, or is moved. Stalin would smile.

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