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Here is a story of installing ‘field expedient’ PL259 coax connectors on ordinary Cable TV F11(an Rg11 equivalent). Functional. NOT aesthetic.

A first shot of the coax with its outer jacket stripped off. I don’t measure, I just make sure I peel off more than I need. If you need to be more precise, I leave about .5 inches (about 11mm) of the inner insulation, foil shield intact. Use the PL 259 as a guide, but err on the side of stripping the center conductor a bit too long. Its easier to trim.

Coax, outer insulation removed

The next shot shows the inner insulation stripped and the shield folded back over the outer insulation.

Coax, inner insulation removed, shield folded back.

The next shot is an end on photo of the inner insulation. I use a very sharp knife or razor blade to slice the foil all of the way around the foam, then make a second pass to cut through the foam. If you compress the foil down you increase the risk of a short to the center conductor.

The center insulation

Now, back to assembly. Its ready to go….

Cable with Connector ready to go

Next,on the left the connector is shown threaded over the shield and outer insulation. I can only get one or two turns on by hand, so the shot on the right shows the channel locks I like to use to tighten that puppy down……

Connector started Channel Locks

The next shots show the braid partially removed, and then the connector almost complete. The shield has been trimmed, and the extra center conductor cut off. The center conductor is set for soldering. With a good tape job, I’ve not had one of these fail yet going on four years. Without taping, the aluminum will oxidize quickly if it is in contact with the soil. In the photo on the left you might just barely be able to see the foil tape of the inner insulation through the hole in the shell. I generally screw the PL259 on just shy of ‘all of the way’.

Connector with Sheild half trimmed Almost done, just needs solder on the pin

Nothing fancy. I solder only the center conductor, not through the holes in the shells. The aluminum braid and foil tape WILL NOT take solder. If you want to weather proof the inside of the shell(ie, keep condensation out), squirt a tad of hot glue from a small glue gun into the holes in the shell.

Also, be careful of the bits of aluminum braid sticking out of the base of the PL259. They bite.

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