Radio W4KAZ

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My station resides in a small, inaccessible corner of my basement, making more regular operation difficult. But soon my children will grow weary of Dear Old Dad, leaving a suitable area vacant. (Then again, given the cost of living these days, maybe not!)

“Contesting on a Budget” is a fact of life at W4KAZ. With 100 watts, the bottom of the sunspot cycle has been a real challenge .


  • Primary -  Kenwood TS-590 (A performance upgrade from the FT-920)
  • Backup1/portable - Elecraft K2 (Every bit as good as ‘they’ say)
  • Backup2/portable – Yaesu FT-891 (Good value but has its quirks)

Current Antennas:

  • 160 meter Inverted L, folded counterpoise(K2AV design)
  • 80 meter folded dipole @ 60 feet
  • 40 meter Inverted Vee @ 50 feet
  • 20 meter dipole @ 30 feet
  • 15 & 10 meter nested single Quad loop, top @ 35 feet

Contest logging is via Writelog on whatever CPU du-jour is available

last update 10/15/2018

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