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About W4KAZ Softrock Based CW Skimmer

The following are a set of links which develop a bit of background history on the planning and construction at W4KAZ of the CW skimmer station.¬† It is designed to use the SoftRock SDR kits and VE3NEA’s CW Skimmer program to feed CW spots into the Reverse Beacon Network.

Currently there are SoftRock CW skimmers completed for the 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, and 15m amateur bands.  Construction of the 10m SoftRock is pending.  Revisions to the softrocks for 20m and 15m are planned, pending the success of the 10m kit.

Softrock Lite II schematic(Original 2008),

Softrock Lite IF schematic

Softrock Lite V6.2

LiteV6.2 schematic



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