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End Fed Half Wave-Experiment du’Jour : Part 1

Just about the only wire antenna in common use I had not experimented with is the End Fed Half Wave(EFHW). So WTF. May as well give it a go.Â

2021 planning had me booking a stay on Cape Lookout National Seashore(CALO) for the end of June rather than the end of July. I tried unsuccessfully to make the reservation in 2020, but could not. Success for 2021. So my FD 2021 will be from Cape Lookout.Â

Given the layout of the cabin I prefer at CALO campground I decided to tinker with the EFHW as a possible solution for allowing multi bands with least effort. The “least effort” factor is growing more important with each passing year. But the EFHW itself piqued my curiosity as well, and it seems it my provide a solution to the “least effort” vs. “works well” conundrum.  Â

So, here lies the experimental portion.  NUMEROUS versions of the classic 49:1 transformer are documented on WWW and in the now ubiquitous scrootoobe video. Version guidelines exist for either 80m or 40m multi band versions. Quite typically I chucked some of that and decided to re-invent the wheel – because what is the fun of experimenting if you are just going to follow the cookbook? Wellll…..not quite that either.

Where to start

Looking for a 40m size and decided to try modeling out a 40m EFHW fit out with a loading coil and tag end to allow 80m or 75m. The […]

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