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Home Brew Projects Page

Time for a centralized list of home brew projects. So all of the following have been listed on their very own page linked in the sidebar to make it easier for me to find them.

SO2R related:

  1. Band Pass Filters(a series of postings)
  2. SO2R Box – Engineer the Possible
  3. Band Decoder


  1. Using PL-259’s on CATV F11
  2. Simple Two Position Remote Antenna Switch
  3. Other Remote Switch Project Ideas
  4. Yet more Remote Switch Project Ideas
  5. Elecraft K2 Cooling Fan
  6. Useful Parts List
  7. Home Brew Station Desk
  8. CW Touch-Keyer kit
  9. G3TXQ BroadBanded hexagonal Beam
  10. Home Brew Knobs
  11. Seven position remote antenna switch
  12. K9AY box
  13. RX antenna 160m/80m band splitter


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