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FT-920 Roofing Filter Mod

I see that Inrad has released the FT-920 roofing filter mod as ready to ship. I didn’t find their booth in Dayton yesterday, hopefully I will today(actually must have walked right past!). The mod is listed as $200 on their price list.

I don’t know that I can get one very soon, but my reason for keeping the 920 was to compare it to the Elecraft K2 under contest conditions. It would be interesting to do the testing as A/B/C to get a general idea of just how discernible any improvements might be, before roofing filter/after roofing filter.

I suspect the roofing filter may narrow the performance gap quite a bit, maybe even enough that it becomes a choice of which radio to keep. I’ll be especially curious how much it helps on SSB. There are enough loud stations within a couple of miles of me that it should be easy to arrange a test.

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