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The YI9PSE Expedition

Best of wishes to the team of operators soon to be operating as YI9PSE. The DX-pedition is of particular interest personally because my friend Jack, W0UCE will be one of the team members. Jack joined our own IOTA operation last year, and is fine CW operator. When he dons his “Chef Archie” hat, he can also deliver some of the tastiest meals you have ever had.

The YI9PSE team has a good group of operators – this will be a fun one to try to work.

Bandwidth Returned to Amateur Usage

Bolshevik Baghdad Bob Been Banished……

Funny how the Bolsheviks hate being parodied. Truly remarkable. Some of the e-mails are priceless examples of “liberal” “tolerance”. [Hint: neither word is actually appropriate.]

For a less offensive example of Bolshevik discourse, here is a case in point:–>

But then political discourse, while more appropriate in a blog than on 75m nets, is not really appropriate in a ham radio blog. Now is it?  Bolshevik Bob will need to start his own blog elsewhere. All hints of Bolshevism will be banished from this small slice of the world at large.


Best of Baghdad Bob

2010 ARRL DX SSB @ N1LN- Not Too Shabby

The weekend over at the N1LN/N1YXU was a lot of fun, as always. Somewhat bleary eyed at the end, but that is to be expected.

The results…..2629 QSO’s, 435 mults, score of 3,417,795.

The propagation was not what we hoped for, and conditions were not close to what we enjoyed for ARRL DX CW only a couple of weeks ago. Not a shock, and probably the only disappointing aspect of the event for me.

We laid plans to open up on 40m and 80m. In hindsight, that was probably not the best choice, but it sure made sense at the time. 40m was decent at the beginning, but 80m wasn’t there yet, and as the lead-off op on 80m I was too slow to react to the actual conditions. Live and Learn.

The low bands were tough sledding all weekend. 40m was the money band in the first 24 hours, then 20m took over the lead role. It was extremely difficult to find and hold runs all weekend. 15m was fair on Saturday, not too good on Sunday. We worked JA’s on both 15m and 20m late Saturday afternoon, not many on Sunday. The conditions Sunday were maybe even a little worse than those we enjoyed for CQWW in October 2009.

Some of the QSO’s were interesting. Beaming Europe in the local morning, just after 1200z, I worked an HS0. Not just once, but one each on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. That had to have been long […]

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Leisure Reading

For a rainy day. 137 years of Popular Science free for browsing. Thanks PopSci and GooG.

Windows 7 GodMode

Leave it to the RedmondGeeks to create a useful tool but leave it undocumented rather than make it easily available. And a big thanks to NumberOneSon for showing me the trick.

There’s a feature for Windows 7 users called GodMode, which is simply a tool/folder that has a lot of the more useful system administration tasks grouped together in one place. [As opposed to navigating five screens to get to them.]

All that is required to use the feature is to create a folder then re-name it. See the link for the details or just goog up the word “godmode” for yourself. No use re-inventing the wheel here.

[hey! I didn’t name it…]

Installing Writelog Under Windows 7 UAC

OBSOLETE:Â Versions after version 11 are much better. Â Disregard if using a version of Writelog after 2011. [w4kaz, 20150101]

ENVIRONMENT: The following applies to an install of Writelog on a Windows 7 64 bit platform with User Account Control enabled. Probably works for any Windows 7 version. It may also apply to Vista, but that version of Windows has not found its way into my hands, so experiment at your own speed. All installs were done under the administrators account, and testing of the application done in a limited user account. No special permissions were granted to the limited user, nor to any of the directories.

BACKGROUND: The new BlogBox is not used down in the KazShack dungeon, but is the day-to-day computer. After a contest, I move the log file up to the main computer and use an install of WriteLog on that box to spew out the Cabrillo, and ADIF backup, and the reports. For my own nefarious reasons, I chose to set the new BlogBox up with an administrative user, and do all of the day-to-day activities within a limited user account.

WriteLog is still backwards compatible with older versions of windows, and runs well even on systems with limited resources. That is something that is a useful feature, as it allows a wide choice of hardware platforms to be pressed into service. Plus, I just damn well like WriteLog better than anything else.

But since Writelog was designed before the day of user accounts there […]

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