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K2 Impressions – Part 9 – One Nit to Pick

Okay, it is pretty minor, but in listening to the K5D pileups last week, I figured out that the K2 is less user friendly for chasing splits than the FT-920. Even though the second VFO on the 920 is not a genuine second receiver, it is a lot simpler to use than the K2 for hunting down the guy the DX is working. So the 920 is definitely the first choice for hunting DX. The close in capability of the K2 is not as important when the DX is working split. But the ergonomics of using the 920 is so much easier for split DX hunting, it will take a lot of effort to adjust to the K2 ergonomics.


I guess the solution is to buy a second K2. 🙂

But that’s not going to happen with the first college tuition check for the eldest only months away. Until that is behind us, I’ll just need to use the 920 for SWL’ing and some DX’ing. And SO2R, if I ever get geared up to practice that.

And of course, the K2 can’t get WWL during LSU football season. We won’t count that as a demerit since it was not designed for that purpose.

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No goals to acheive for this one, just some fun spinning around the bands.

I am sorry I missed operating on Friday night. Saturday night turned up a lot of EU countries on 80m. I’m sure there are a few new ones, since I’ve seldom really worked 80m as seriously as I did Saturday. The side effect was neglecting 40m, as well as missing out on Friday evening.

Started in the late afternoon Saturday on 20m. After the first 15 or so S&P Q’s, I found the NY4A ops and parked to read their mail around 19:50z. It’s probably the easiest way to get a good idea about propagagtion, because Howie has a great signal into EU. Normally, I hear only every third or fourth station, sometimes less.

But Saturday was different. The 100w EU stations had good signal strength, and over a 10 to 15 minute period I was hearing almost everything the NY4A op was working. Hmmmmm.

Sliding up the band, I found a hole around 14081 to try running. I had a nice 40 minute run, then the floor seemed to drop out. The run rate wasn’t fantastic, but it was better than S&P, and it was good run practice. Logged 35 Q’s, mostly northern EU. Later on, there was a JA on 14023 who was about 559 here in central NC. He had a huge pileup, and could not hear the tin whistle from the KazShack. Seemed to be working the Left coast and stations in […]

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John, K3TUP is somebody I wish I had known. Its sad that he won’t live to see the millions of other lives he may save with his inventive cancer treatment. He’s a case study in how one man’s life can change the world.

His former television station has a good report.

Antenna Switch

Obtained a third hand Array Soultions SixPak from N4YDU. The control box needed a wee bit of refurb. The LED indicators were not all working, although the switch itself is functioning well. One LED was cracked, three others blown, along with four of the resistors.

So, heating up the soldering iron and pulling a few parts was needed. This was more trouble than expected. The board is very well done, and it is simple to remove from the box. But I didn’t anticipate the minor fly in the ointment. The holes are ‘plated through’. The LED’s were simple enough to replace, and I had close match replacement LEDs in the parts bin. The four bad resistors were a bit less cooperative. It was difficult to remove enough solder with the solder wick.

The new resistors were difficult to install, because the plated through holes were a close fit even when clean. Downright difficult with a coat of solder in them. I resorted to alternately heating the holes and pushing each lead through a couple of millimeters at a time. Once I had enough fed through, I was able to grab the leads with forceps. Then I was able to hold both leads, apply hot iron, and pull the part down flush with the PCB.

So what should have taken 15 minutes tops probably took almost 90 minutes. Grrrr. Not difficult, just frustrating. The LEDs I had on hand are not exact color matches, but very close when lit. The red […]

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(Apologies to the foreign audience, this contains intentional mis-spelling and slang…)

First there was the E-vul Big Blue. Then the dred MyCrowsofft. E-vul Bigg Oyl. E-vul Bigg Pharma.

But with so many looking to get something for nothing these days, maybe Bigg GooG is positioned to be more hazardous in your day to day lives.. Use those apps with caution kiddo.

That is not to say there are no reasons to use any of the Bigg GooG apps. Rather, maybe take time to think on the ramifications of being hyjacked. If your use of a service is compromised, can any real damage be done? If the answer to that is “yes” or “maybe”, you should be hearing Robot in the background – “Danger Will Robinson…”

And yes, that applies to blog software. You DO look at the PHP code before installing it, don’t you? If you find a program/plugin with binary encoded data embedded within it, be wary.

For those who have never read Heinlein: TANSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch