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Modulation Devices

After struggling with mastering the use of ‘paddles’ and ‘keyers’ for the purposes of Modulating the Continuous Wave, I decided to upgrade both my paddles and keyer.

For some reason it never occurred to me to try using my paddles with the radio’s internal keyer. When it finally did occur to me recently, it turns out I had less trouble sending legible CW using the internal keyer in the radio than with my “Common Brand” keyer. Go figure.

So, having found a good bargain on a set of nice Kent paddles, and having a thumbs up from trusted sources on the Idiom Press Logikeyer – I made those two items my xmas present to myself.

I got the Logikeyer CMOS4 kit, so some assembly was required. I got the kit put together last week. The Logikeyer is a well done kit. I got lucky and it worked on the first try. 🙂 I’ve been eyeing up the Idiom Press SCAF-1 audio filter, and now I’m pretty sure I’ll get one of those too, sooner or later. I’m sure it will be a high quality item also.

Anyway, it sure is easier to send CW with a good set of paddles and a keyer that works! (I’m no paddle expert, but I really like the Kent paddles.) I’m still a lid, but I might actually be able to learn how to use paddles now. If I can, then I work on the second long range goal – training the left hand to send CW.

2 comments to Modulation Devices

  • Jim

    Send with your left hand? I am still working on sending with my right hand on a stright key. 🙂

    I have to try that.

    Happy Holidays!


  • Well, my ugly little secret is that I’m not exactly taking to paddles very well. When I first licensed eons ago, a few of the locals had bugs, but very few were using keyers with paddles. I learned on a straight key, and I find that I still prefer it after a 20 year absence from radio.

    But my goal is building CW proficiency, and I think mastering the paddles will help.

    And after I get the left hand trained, its on to the left foot! Although I suspect that’s what anyone listening to my paddle fist would guess I am using now(i.e., the left foot).
    73, kaz

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