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Sweeps SSB 2007 – Hindsight

Thinking back on the event, it seems like the 80m and 40m antenna moves were good. Propagation was just a bit unusual, favoring longer skip paths than I normally see at the KAZland QTH. I think that these antennas, in their current orientations, will play even better when conditions are more ‘normal’. It is also clear I’d have done much better on 20m had I debugged the shack problem with the 20m antennas earlier.

The other operating change I will make is to plan on S&P during the first two hours of this contest. My S&P rate will be higher than any runs I might have during the bedlam of the start of the race. It will also give me a better chance at nailing some of the mults I should have found this year.

750 Q’s seems like a reasonable goal for this contest with these same bottom of the cycle propagation conditions. I wonder if 900 or 1000 Q’s are possible when conditions improve. Maybe.

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