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New Ears

I had a few minutes to spent playing around with the new antennas, just listening around. The guys calling CQ for the Pennsylvania QP were booming in here on 40m during the afternoon. The 40m dipole really seems to be hearing well.

On 80m, the new antenna was showing a very high noise level across the band, and it sounded similar to the AGC pumping from a strong nearby station.

“Hmmmmm…” thinks w4kaz, eyes vacant and scratching head idly.

Turns out my 80m antenna is now flat broadside to the WPTF 50KW antennas that are about one mile to my NNE. I have an 80m bandpass filter I built a couple of years back. Plugging that into the line cleared up the WPTF problem, dropping the broadcast QRM from S7 to S0. Its still there, but its very low level now. Not many signals on in the afternoon, so I need to carve out some time to spend in the shack playing around some.

Lesson: 50 KW at less than one mile distance is undesirable. (Yeah Homer, I know….doe-OH!)

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