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Sometimes I’m amazed at the quality of the information available on the internet. Sometimes I find it odd that I can’t find anything about a subject.

This is a case of the first. I saw a post somewhere that referred to the Western Union wire splice. I don’t have the formal electronics education that so many hams do, so I had never heard that term, although I’ve ‘discovered’ the method on my own while tinkering. But the search term ‘western union splice’ turned up a whole pile of interesting websites that illustrate some very basic how-to’s.

So now I see I need a new page to begin documenting some of this sort of thing. In the meantime, NASA has a good online document on basic workmanship standards that is focused on useful info and also fairly wide in scope. The illustrations could be a bit larger, but they are comprehensive, and even recognize the dead bug technique.

There’s also a scanned document from 1926 available that shows many of these techniques are not new.

More to come when the WX is not so pretty outside. My yard work beckons.

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