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30 Ham Radio Contesting Tips

Scot, K9JY populated his blog for the month of September with a contesting ‘tip-O-the-day’. It makes for interesting reading and its a really good summary of contesting tips for someone new to radiosport/contesting. He’s pulled the list together as “30 Ham Radio Contesting Tips”. Heartily recommended for one and all.

2 comments to 30 Ham Radio Contesting Tips

  • The contesting tips were a lot of fun to write as well. In one of the other blogs I visited, I read the post and realized that the contesting tips were more about what to do around the contest to make the contesting experience better rather than what to do while operating the actual contest.

    I’ll have to do a new series on the moves to make during the contest…

    Thanks for posting this. I subscribe to your blog…it’s good stuff.

  • Hmm, I had not noticed but you are correct. Most of the tips deal with preparation rather than practices. I’d be interested to read what others ‘do’.

    And thanks.

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