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SSB Sweeps On Deck

Only a couple of days out from my-crow-fonie SS, and woefully unprepared. Coming down with a cold too. Damn.

Hopefully I’ll get a shot to test out the computer audio/mike connection. I’ve always had trouble matching the levels for the heil headset to the computer. Now I have two new variables. The first is the K2, the second the hand-me-down shack computer N1LN donated to the KazShack when he replaced his own.

If the cold induced head congestion gets bad I’ll be at a disadvantage right out of the gates. I hope this Xycam stuff can work its magic.

Missed the PVRC “audio net” last night. Got to see the Capitals cream the Hurricanes. The Caps controlled the puck completely in the second and third periods. Ugly.

I did manage to get a nice “pre-fills” file set up for the coming SSB sweeps. It damn well ought to be as accurate as possible. It was built from the ARRL score database for the last six years, both modes, plus log data from N4AF. I loaded the N4AF logs first, them applied updates from the scores database. CW log data first, then SSB log data, both applied in chronological order. I came out to be just under 7000 unique call signs when all was cobbled together.

Next year I’ll prep the data for CW by applying the SSB logs first, CW second. That should add a measure of assistance to my feeble CW skills – although there are a log of exchanges that change. Sometime the exchanges are changed on purpose. So it doesn’t pay to rely on it, but it usually helps when there’s a brain phart or finger malfunction.

PEBUAK. Problem Exists Between User And Keyboard.

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