Radio W4KAZ

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Planning to operate IOTA with N4YDU at the end of the month.

Cleaned up and tested the SWR on a couple of vertical antennas today. One is a hy-gain ATV18 I got on loan from NT4D. This antenna has seen one too many field days. The so-239 on the base is broken, but I can use a short coax jumper to feed it. The 10 metertrap seemed intermittent at first, but is working for now.

The other is a 20 meter quarter wave that I made from parts of a broken CB 5/8 wave. The base was sound, but I needed to do a bit of surgery on the upper elements. I also replaced the bolts with hose clamps, and some of the rusted hardware with stainless parts. This is a project that had been laying around, but a trip to the beach moved it up the list.

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