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Visit with EA5DFV

On the day of July 5th, NT4D and I got the chance to spend a bit of time with Jose, EA5DFV. Jose was here on holiday for a visit to his family members, and had taken the time to contact some of the local NC hams who were in his contest logs. NT4D offered Jose a ride to the PVRC/NC meeting, and off we went.

It was very interesting hearing Jose’s stories about his station, and the problems unique to operating from Europe. Jose is a SSB contester, and will be hosting the 20m phone station for Spain’s IARU HQ operation as AM5HQ. He joked that he was really here to “spy” on the W1AW/4, as he was able to meet many of the people who will be operating the US HQ station from NC this year.

Hams are often some of the nicest people I meet. Jose is certainly one of them.

Hey, Jose! One more meeting and you can become a member of PVRC!

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