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WKAZ, W4KAZ – Not Quite The Same.

During IARU a QSO with a WV ham apprised me of the fact that “my callsign” was already being used by a broadcaster in the Charleston area. So, curiosity led me to find 107 KAZ. As luck would have it, you can also listen to their stream via the web. The link is a javascript so I can’t link to it from the blog, look for “Listen Live” at the top of the right sidebar.

They also have an AM affiliate, but the AM side doesn’t have a stream that I can find. Its unlikely I’ll be able to DX them with my radio either, as they occupy 680, the same frequency as 50kw WPTF. I’m only about a mile away from WPTF’s antenna site, so once again poor KAZ is overwhelmed by the high power Big Dawgs. WKAZ is only allowed 244 watts at night – WPTF’s HARMONICS are louder than that!

Cool. If I ask, I wonder if they will send me some promo material? I guess not, because W1KAZ, W2KAZ,….W0KAZ might all ask for freebies too.

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