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IOTA 2008 – N4A Rides Again

We will be making another expedition trip to Cape Lookout NWR overlapping the IOTA 2008 contest. Our goal is to put CALO on the air. We’ll be pounding 10m looking for E skip openings in the periods outside the IOTA contest, and be handing out Q’s during the contest on all of the contest bands. If we are able to get a 160m antenna up, we’ll also be on that band outside the contest period. Our time is limited, but we expect to be operating as soon as we get the station/antennas established, sometime in the early evening of Friday July 25th, probably mostly SSB before the contest.

We’re lucky to have an additional op joining us this year, K4CZ. The extra help will be a big boost, and this should help us overcome problems of the sort presented by Murphy in 2007. For 2008 the operators are N4YDU, W4KAZ, and K4CZ. There’s little doubt that N4YDU and K4CZ will do a lions share of the operating. Nate is one of the best ops I’ve worked with and is an exceptional CW op. Barry is going to be a big assist for Nate for both CW and SSB – I’ll need to pull my weight on SSB and the logistics.

I don’t think we will have a 6m rig available, so our plans to activate CALO on 6m may come to naught.

The N4A website will be updated with 2008 photo’s after the op is complete. Might see some here too.

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