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Vicarious Dayton Hamvention 2011

***in progress, last update 2011/06/03, 09:00am local***

Just as soon as the pollen clears, it is time for another swat at Dayton Hamvention.  Spending time at the house with the pressure washer is a lot less fun than going to Hamvention, but that’s the way it is again in 2011.  [Those silly kids of mine BOTH want to go to college – cha-ching!]

No contest University – again.  No FDIM visit.  No chit-chat with the vendors.  But it is possible to tour the 2011 Hamvention after the fact. On a vicarious 2011 Hamvention tour…………….

…and thanks to the astute reporting over at The Fi-Ni Report, we were certain Hamvention was still going to be taking place despite the onset of Zombie Armageddon. So if there HAD been any travel plans, there would have been no need to cancel them to instead hoard the shotgun shells needed for those hard to eradicate zombies that always pop up when the world ends.

New Stuff and various video:

NEW STUFF IS ALWAYS FUN- The Elecraft KX3 video tease! by the QRPARCI group. Actual KX3 data sheet.   Fun facts being teased out on the Elecraft mail list.  Actual genuine Elecraft KX3 webpage.   O’course, the ubiquitous yahoo group for the kx3 is formed.

Another KX3 video by WB8CXO

Other takes and other New Stuff#1, LazydogSDR [new to me anyway].  This KE9V photo caught my eye…..A speaker/mike with a display.  Really?  LOL. Really?  Thanks to Jeff for catching that one.

Video of ring-rotor that incorporates a motorized adaptation of a PVRC mount.

New Alinco DJ-G29T 220/900 Mhz HT Announced at Dayton 2011

Who shows up at Hamvention?  ARRL video of chat by KF5BOC.

Contest University Webinars[warehoused by PVRC]:

K3LR’s vault of 2011 Antenna forum programs:

  • #1 goes here
  • #2 goes here
  • #3 goes here
  • #4 goes here

You never know what you will find in the flea market#1, fleamarket experience#2, fleamarket experience#3, fleamarket experience#4, fleamarket experience #5 [willing to wager this was NOT KF5BOC] {in hindsight, maybe useful around the sewerage spill}

RadioGuy was busy with the video camera: MFJ on the main floor,  Yaesu, ICOM, Steppir,  and more on RadioGuy76’s youtube channel.

Shaky Fleamarket tour part#1 and tour part#2 by KA1SUN

Video montage by TofuHasenpfeffer

Video Montage by joehusker.

Hamcity MONEYGRAB! video by ArkAngelz.  Fun for kids of any age!  Way cool.

VE7HHS video demo by Flex radio, VE7HHS finds what happened to the Geiger counters, and the inner workings of a Steppir.

And o’course, FD is not a contest.  Although that’s a state of mind issue, aina?

The local “professional” coverage, and WHIOTV.

W5KUB Vendor Setup Tour [choppy stream??] .

Hamvention-too much fun to sleep! recap on Contest University, hara flyby, and “holy crap cow !” recaps by “sterwing’s”

Old School Morse – REALLY old school

What does one do at Dayton? a Hamtwits hamvention meetup.

There really is all sorts of “stuff” in the hamvention fleamarket!  Yowza!  O’course, you always need to watch your step in a fleamarket area anyway…..but….Yowza!

Bloggers Do Dayton:  Missed a chance for a meetup with some of these folks.
Some  2011 Hamvention photo albums, in no particular order:

Despite a larger number of Twits Tweeting the Hamvention in 2011, the ephemeral nature of the stream-of-consciousness twitter style is too much like mental cotton candy for my own tastes, and thus twittishness of all sorts shall hereby be firmly relegated to remain forevermore in the bit bucket.  [Except maybe a few photos].

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