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Live Vicariously

Not getting to Hamvention in Dayton? Not to worry!

For those who can’t get to the Hamvention in person, there is always the WA5KUB Monkey Cam. Tom’s site now has a chat window, so all of us who wish we were there can ask questions and just be general nuisances to one another. Pretty cool.

The Hamvention in Dayton is a great deal of fun. Make the trip with two or three like minded radio geeks and you will have an enjoyable time. There are outside events such as FDIM, the nightly contest super suites, the Saturday contester’s dinner(pre-order for that one!) and various presentations through the days at Hamvention inside the Hara buildings. And the Mother of All Hamfest Fleamarkets. Hourly door prize drawings, plus the big final day prize drawings. And hams from all parts of the world, especially the US, Canada and Mexico. If you get bored, you probably are not a ham….

If you have never been to the Dayton Hamvention, and may never be able to make it, all is not lost. In the internet age, you can still experience Hamvention vicariously. So for a bit of the flavor of Hamvention, check out some of Tom’s photo’s from 2005 here, from 2006, and mixed photos from prior years Hamventions.

Better yet, hitch a ride and see for yourself.

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