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The Mojo Has Landed

The reason for the fire sale in the kaz-shack is to finance the arrival of a nice and spiffy Elecraft K2/100. Hopefully, getting third-hand-me-down mojo will not dilute the well advertised K2 effectiveness.

I have only been able to spin the knobs a wee bit so far. I can already say that the RX is really hot on 40m and 80m. It seems about equal in sensitivity to my FT-920 and the FT-100D on 20m. Its strong point is being much more selective than the FT-920.

I thought long and hard about which radio to part with. Both the FT-100D and the FT-920 have their strong and weak points, and I do want to have a backup radio at hand. But the deciding factor was that I simply use the FT-920 more often. The FT-100D is actually the better receiver of the two, and is surprisingly good on CW for a mobile radio.

The other factor that pushed me towards keeping the 920 was an item I found only recently. The folks at International Radio have an announcement on their website about a roofing filter mod coming soon for the FT-920. A quick e-mail inquiry got me a copy of the draft installation documentation, which seems simple enough.

So, for now the 920 has kept its place. It may wind up being sent to the auction block, but not immediately.

Maybe to finance another K2 – one I can melt solder on myself! 🙂

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