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SOLD: Yaesu FT-100D

As of 4/26/2008 – This Item Is SOLD!

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“No longer” available only via Ebay, Item #130215730096

I have for sale a good condition FT-100D. The asking price is $550.00 USD, plus $25.00 UPS ground shipping within the continental US. I prefer PayPal, but will also accept Money Order. Contact W4KAZ.

This would make a good backup radio for anyone. The FT-100D is the Yaesu mobile radio that has HF/VHF/UHF (100w HF&6m, 50w on 2m, 20w on 70cm). All pigtails are in very good condition. It is fully functional on all bands/modes. , but keep reading…

This radio(See PHOTOGRAPHS Here) will come with the following accessories:

  • Microphone Yaesu MH 36B
  • CT-62 CAT cable
  • LDG OTT Interface
  • Heil AD100 adapter(modular to 8-pin)

I DO NOT have the remote kit.

I am NOT the original owner. I purchased this radio used from HRO in 2005. It is fully functional on all bands/modes. It is a good mobile radio/backup radio. But it is NOT 100%….

It has the following two KNOWN DEFECTS:

Defect #1: – The radio has four threaded holes, two on each side, for mounting to the OEM mobile mount(not included). One of these has a mounting screw broken off(flush) and lodged within the hole. It was in this condition as sold to me by HRO.

Defect #2: – The CAT feature is not fully functional. It may be the ct-62 CAT cable, but for the sake of this sale assume that it is the radio that is malfunctioning. My computer control/logging program can send data to the radio(i.e., you can change frequency/mode/ etc.), but cannot reliably poll the radio for frequency. Often no data is received from the radio. This same jack on the radio is used for ATAS/tuner control, so I assume that is also NOT working. I don’t have the ATAS antenna system, so its never been an issue for me.

MODS: This radio came from HRO with no DC plug or jack attached. I installed Anderson Powerpoles rather than the proprietary OEM plug.

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