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Total:  110    35       70  Total Score = 30,450

I operated S&P for a total of about four hours spread out over Sunday afternoon. The highlight was working VK4WR and VK4CZ back to back on 15 meters.

Murphy showed up and caused problems with either the external keyboard or the laptop’s din plug for the external keyboard–just as I’m trying to log 5Z1A. I swapped the keyboard out, and the problem did not come back. Ole Murph is probably waiting for sweepstakes…..(Note: This turned out to be an RFI problem with the ladder line from the 20 meter dipole.)
Conditions seemed okay for this part of the sunspot cycle, but I really need real antennas. 20 meters is poor.

2 comments to 2006 CQWW SSB

  • Scott VK4CZ

    Glad I helped to make a highlight. Hope we can do it again in CQWW 2008…. best of DXing.

  • Thanks for the QSO. I’ll post some photos of my wire antennas soon. It will be obvious from those photos that the QSO was made on the strength of the antennas at your end of the circuit plus propagation.

    With luck, we may see 10m begin to return soon.

    Hope to get you in the log again Scott.

    73 de w4kaz

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