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2006 ARRL Sweepstakes-CW

 Band  QSOs
  160:    0
   80:  131
   40:   84
   20:   52
   15:   18
Total:  285  Sections = 71  Total Score = 40,470

This was the first half of the Big Push-the effort by PVRC to re-gain the Sweepstakes gavel from NCCC and any other challengers. There was a high level of excitement within the local chapter and the club at-large going into the contest season this year. I’m happy with my effort, as it is a nice improvement over the prior year’s CW effort.

Conditions were not too bad for a low power S&P outing. I know its not as productive in QSO’s as running, but I’m not a good enough a CW op to jump into that fire yet. Besides, S&P without packet spots is a box of chocolates.

What Sunday doldrums? Hey, when you operate as slow as I do on CW, there are always new ones out there. 80 meters is fun when its so free of QRN. I spent a lot of time there. I even worked a few stations on the dummy load. I figured if QRP stations could push my meter to S9 on 80 meters, anything was possible. Sure ’nuff…. Coolness. Didn’t even need to send any fills.

Gotta work on the CW skills. Flubbed and fumbled a couple of fills, and had to piddle with the log too much. Ended the contest after reaching my goal of 40K points when I found N4CW/1.(I blew past my original goal of 25K pretty early…) Bert capped off my contest, and I parked there to read the mail while I copied the log file and reports.

Missed sections:

Okay…..West Texas??! That’s not one I usually miss. Heard very few AZ and NM too. I think I got those on 40, but 40 was long.

Thanks for the training folks. It might be starting to set in…. :0 Some of you guys are really amazingly good operators. I’m taking notes–but much room is left for improvement.

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