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2006 IARU


 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:    1      1      1
   80:   23     10     13
   40:   74     22     28
   20:  106    100     46
   15:   28     18     18
   10:    4      2      3
Total:  236    153    109  Total Score = 108,455

I got my 20 meter antenna deficiency somewhat corrected for this contest by finally getting the dipole up in a good tall tree at about 50 feet. Given the lack of towers sprouting in the backyard, this will probably be the best I get for a 20 meter antenna for the near future.

Ironically, just when I get a decent antenna, 20 meters didn’t really act like 20 meters–but lots of strong short propagation. Didn’t work much DX until late. But 20 was fun for a change, and I made the bulk of my QSO’s there.

For a mixed mode contest, I unexpectedly worked more CW than phone. I saw some incremental improvement in my CW skills, but compared to the op’s at the run stations, I’m still a lid.


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