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LOTW and Special Event Stations

Last year, I was part of two special event operations N4Q and N4A. Yesterday, I finally got the logs uploaded to LOTW. It turns out this process was simple, once I found it documented. Had I actually thought about it, it would have been obvious. (Too bad thinking has become so sporadic inside W4KAZ’s ‘brayn’…) This process is the same as uploading logs for a portable operation in a different call area or country(eg, “w4kaz/5″ or” w4kaz/m”).

NE1RD outlines the process in a posting titled “Adding a QTH to LOTW“. It is really just that simple. Request a certificate for the special event call, wait for ARRL to process the request, receive the cert e-mailed from ARRL, load the certificate, mark the log, upload the log.

It sounds more complicated than it really is, but NE1RD has it laid out step by step, with screen prints of the process. So there are now about 500 new LOTW QSL confirmations’s out there on the 2800 combined Q’s that I uploaded. The documentation work done by NE1RD has paid dividends to the ham community too.

Hopefully, uploading the QSLs will help someone reach an award goal. Even if it doesn’t, I feel better about it. I get a project closure, and the final loose end tied up.

2 comments to LOTW and Special Event Stations

  • The link to “Adding a QTH to LOTW” is now dead.

    Do you happen to have the steps saved?

  • Sorry for delay, been off the radar.

    I don’t have the steps saved, and the dead link is one of the hazards of not outright lifting other peoples pages to make sure the info is available.

    I don’t recall the steps. I know it involved submitting a certificate request for the call and the specific dates of the special event. Sort of surprised ARRL has not created a FAQ on the topic.

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