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2008 Russian DX – No Way!

I had planned to toy around with the Russian DX contest last weekend. It’s one that I have not been able to catch in the past. After plopping in the shack chair, and listening around the bands, I decided that 2008 was NOT the year to give it a go. Around 2:00pm local, it didn’t sound too good on my piddly little wire antennas. Ick. Thunder storm static too. Double Ick.

But it sure seems like a good contest. Once propagation returns, I’ll be back to try it again.

I used the time I had to re-straighten the shack – again. Then I promptly messed it back up.

I also spent a bit of time thinking about an unfinished project. (A homebrew antenna switch-future fodder) Note: I did not actually FINISH the project, just thought about it some more. I did discover a problem with the connectors I installed on one end of the box. That might be the only advantage to the procrastination. I get to debug the errors with fresh eyes.

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