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Samlex 1223-Power Supply Update

After discovering that the Samlex was so ‘very similar’ to other well known brands, I bought one to replace my dead switching supply.

I’ll need to make some updates to my FP-1023 page. The new Samlex has some changes in the output filtering section. The new supply has a toroidal inductor for L2(instead of the rod) and different, larger value capacitors for the RF bypass at the outputs.

An initial comparison and search for birdies turned up very little, and nothing of concern, compared to the loaner Astron RS-35. The switcher had a few more birdies on 15m and 10m, but actually had NO birdies on 40m, while the Astron had three or four(one significant). Most of the other birdies were consistently present with either supply.

I plan to put the supply under load(i.e., the second radio transmitting into a dummy load), and hunt for birdies under load. After that, I’ll update the page, including photos of the new parts layout.

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