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Band Pass Filters – The Series

Band Pass Filter Fever – The Tangled Web – Part 1 Band Pass Filter Fever – Untangling The Web – Part 2 Band Pass Filter Fever – The Guinea Pigs – Part 3 Band Pass Filter Fever – The Kludgy Switch Box – Part 4 Band Pass Filter Fever – Guess-timating the Filter Efficacy – Part 5 Band Pass Filter Fever – The Guess-timated Scale and Actual Guess-timated Measurements – Part 6 NEW, 20190921 Retroactive Filter Tuning with NanoVNA Photos of the filters as constructed by W4KAZ, based on NVARC and K4VX designs

Series – K2 Impressions

Time to round up the various related posts into series. This is still really clunky to do in WP, but here’s the first crack. The following are a running aggregation of the impressions and opinions I have about my Elecraft K2.

K2 Impressions _ Part 1 K2 Impressions _ Part 2 K2 Impressions _ Part 3 K2 Impressions _ Part 4 K2 Impressions _ Part 5 – Post IARU K2 Impressions _ Part 6 – K2 vs K3 K2 Impressions _ Part 7 – Adding 160m K2 Impressions – Part 8 – The K2 in SS CW 2008 K2 Impressions – Part 9 – One Nit to Pick K2 Impressions – Part 10 – Kazmo’s Kustom Kreations Last update 05/6/2010, corrected link to part 8.

Home Brew Projects

!! In Progress !!

Have some fun putting your probably not so idle hands to work.

CATV F11 K2 heat sink/fan project Seven position remote antenna switch Two position remote antenna switch W4KAZ SO2R box home brew W4KAZ Band decoder K9AY box RX antenna 160m/80m band splitter

These projects are either in use or have been actively used.