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VHS or Beta?

WIRED has a riff on one of my favorite premises. “Good enough” is good enough.Usually.

Engineer the Possible! If you wait until it is perfect, you may never get the thumb out…. 😮

WIRED has a slightly different take on the theme, examining the trend towards simpler user interfaces that provide less than top of the line performance. Which is why the “Beta” format lost out to VHS, and why MP3’s are more common than higher quality digital formats.

Everything is a trade off. There will always be a market at the bleeding edge of performance, but it is seldom required to fulfill the purpose for a person looking for value.

But those priority trade-offs are highly subjective, aina?

2 comments to VHS or Beta?

  • “Good enough” is spot on. All these new radios with the menus and the buttons are just too dang complicated to have fun with. The Icom IC-2AT was the height of design simplicity and ruggedness for HT’s. The new pocket HT’s require a computer science degree to program them and a microscope and SMT tools to work the buttons. HF rigs used to be big, hot, and smelly. But they had knobs that fit your hand and no menus. Today, you have to keep the manual handy so you can find the menu and button combination to turn down the speech processor so you aren’t taking out the lower half of 20m. Bah humbug.

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