Radio W4KAZ

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 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    0     0
   80:   17    14
   40:   30    20
   20:   31    22
   15:   48    34
   10:    0     0
Total:  126    90  Total Score = 33,210

Several 30 minute forays into low sunspot DX contesting, for only about four or ive hours total time. Boy, that sure stunk–:o I’m sure not looking orward to trying this with the MyCrowFone for SSB.

Still, I managed to work Hawaii, Alaska, New Zealand and South Africa, all pretty good for the peanut whistle. KH6LC was really loud in here a couple of times. ZM1A was solid copy in here too. They were not as strong as the KH6–but ZM didn’t have a pile up, and he must have good ears because he was able to get me on the first try. I just luv 15 meters. Always have, always will.

Too bad 10 meters didn’t show any life too.

80 meters turned up more DX entities for me than normal, and the locals
were just BOOMING on 80 meters, compared to November SS.

My 20 meter dipole proved that it is at a better height for DX than domestic–mostly because it really stinks in the domestic contests, not because it excels at DX!

Persistence is futile–er, um…well, something like that. 😉

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