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NT4D ARRL DX Summary:
 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   26    22
   80:   73    48
   40:  114    83
   20:  370    83
   15:  330    73
   10:   27    13
Total:  940   293  Total Score = 826,260

I operated the 2007 ARRL DX at NT4D as Multi/Single with Jay and NT4Q, Jerry. Jay has a very nice station, and his KT34xa is sure a lot more fun on 20 meters than my own rather lame dipole. This was very much a learning experience for me, as operating a good station is much different than a low-power-cruddy-antenna set up.

Conditions: I did not think conditions were very good for the high bands. On Saturday morning, I found it very difficult to establish a run on 20 meters. I was just not able to pull the European stations out of the QRM. Propogation on 15 meters was also not very good. So Saturday morning was mostly S&P, popping packet spots. NT4Q took over in the afternoon.

Sunday morning, conditions were a bit better, and I was a bit fresher. I was able to start a decent run on 20 meters early, and switched over to 15 meters around 9:30 or 10:00 am EST . By the time NT4Q arrived for his shift, I had gone back to hunting mults.

Autopsy: The results were okay, but I think we all agreed we could have done much better, despite the bottom of the sunspot cycle conditions. Our operation was still very informal. Jay’s station performed without flaw, and we didn’t cook anything.

Thanks to Jay for hosting the operation.

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