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More N1LN Antennas Flying

N1LN is still chipping away at flying all of his antennas. Two more went up on Saturday for the 20 meter stack. This has been a fun project to watch go together, as I’ve not been involved with anything of this magnitude before. It is probably not so much fun for Bruce yet-he and Laurie are doing 99 percent of the work themselves. He still has a great deal of work outstanding, but it is really coming together for them very well, and they have planned for it for a long time.

I you want to see the photos, continue to the full page.

Top 20 Yagi The top Middle 20 meter Yagiand at the ring rotator

Both antennas went up very smoothly. Conditions were very comfortable and there was not too much wind. I learn something every time I participate in one of these projects. And if they keep feeding me Bruce’s chili, they might never get rid of me. I just love a good chili, and this was Good Stuff. (Food is my last remaining vice.)

This is the completed stack after both are mounted:

Both Antennas mounted



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