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Wednesday Night Menu

Wooowee. Wednesday night brought forth a trip to “New Orleans Foods and Spirits”. Recommended by the XYL’s neice as her favorite place. She has good cause.

Menu Items chosen around the table:

  • Voo-doo crawfish stuffed rolls(appetizer)
  • Crawfish and corn soup
  • “Swomp” pasta
  • Crawfish Stew
  • Fried Shrimp salad
  • Fried Catfish Platter

The menu had all of the other normal South Loozyana favorites. But it is difficult to sample them all.

Easily the best food I have had in three years. The crawfish stew was one of the better versions I have had, like -ever. That covers quite a lot of crawfish stews consumed in the days of my yoot’. O’course, the taste buds have been little exposed to such edible tidbits over this past decade, so my judgement could be suffering from delicacy deprivation.

NC BBQ is good, but it just ain’t nowhere close to the type of flavor explosions one can find back in the swampy homeland. There’s just nothing like really fresh seafood when it is expertly prepared. Despite the name, the restaurant is actually in Covington – but then so are most of the restauranteurs from New Awlinz. Caint say I blame them, since I got out while the gittin’ wuz good.

Everything else was good too. I stole a chunk of catfish from the n umber two son, and “home brewed” one of the other menu items: Fried catfish smothered with Crawfish stew. That was food too.

The Voo-Doo rolls turned out to be similar to egg rolls. The stuffing consisted of crawfish in a cheese sauce, with what tasted like pimento and a touch of jalepeno pepper. Extra Yum.

Even the hush puppies were top notch. Light and fluffy, no greasy taste. Yum.

I washed the stew down with a nice glass of Abita Amber from the tap. A good everyday brew that complemented the spicyness of the stew.


I only regret not trying their gumbo, something I normally use to guage restaurant quality. The award for all time restaurant-made best gumbo goes to Phil’s Oyster Bar in Baton Rouge. Theirs is even better than my own. Usually.

I wonder if Phil’s is still open? RoadTrip!

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