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First Multi at N1LN/N1YXU

This Saturday is the first time I’ll get a chance to operate from the station at N1LN/N1YXU. We will operate using the call NC4KW. The operators will be N1LN, N1YXU, KA1ARB, NT4D and W4KAZ.

N1LN operated the CW NAQP as an SO2R. Conditions were not so good, and the WX accounted for unusually high noise levels in this area. It looks like we may have better WX over the next several days. That would sure help, because high noise on SSB is much more difficult than for CW.

I expect this will be a good shake-down operation for the guest ops. It will give us a chance to get accustomed to the set up over at Bruce & Laurie’s. Time to browse the K3 manual a bit.

I’m really looking forward to it.

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