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Sunspots – Poised On The Cusp III

A re-iteration of the “that’s our story” comments from a couple of weeks back.

I’d rather not contemplate a FIVE or SIX year minimum…!! But as Hathaway notes, the records show it has happened before, so it is well within the realm of ‘normal’. O’ course, the records also show the Maunder Minimum. It makes a reasonable person wonder just what ‘normal’ really is, given we have a pitiful few observations for only the most recent tiny fraction of the nearest star’s lifetime.

Just imagine for a moment how different radio would be if it had been invented at the beginning of an extended solar minimum.

What a surprise it would be when the spots picked back up. (“wow This is GREAT!!!”) Everything is relative to one’s expectations, aina?

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  • Scot

    Always a good read and thanks for the chuckle this evening. I’m listening to KLOS 95.5 streaming out of Los Angeles and Bob Seger is playing.

    You have that Bob Seger touch in ham radio’s blogosphere. All the best KaZman.

    Scot KA3DRR

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