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2007 IARU – W1AW/4 HQ in NC

Wow! This is huge!

It looks like NC operators will be hosting the W1AW HQ operation this year. ARRL has contacted N4AF, and Howie will be hosting a CW multi at his station on 80-40-20-15. SSB stations are still being worked out, as well as the 160 and 10 CW stations.

There are plenty of good stations and enough good operators in the area to make this a really fun event, and provide lots and lots of HQ mults for everybody.

IARU is a really fun contest. Because the ITU zones and scoring allow US stations to work each other, it is still fun even when propagation to Europe is poor. I also like the mixed mode category, as I enjoy being able to work stations on either CW or SSB.

If propagation conditions and weather are favorable, N4AF will really kick butt with his normal crew. It will be a challenge for SSB ops to keep up. Huge fun.

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