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N4A – Official 2007 IOTA NA Low Power Expedition Winner

Cha-Ching! We have a winner!

This is old news, but it is actually official to me now that it is published as such on the RSGB web site. N4YDU and I made a special event expedition as N4A to activate the South Core Banks’ Cape Lookout last summer. Our stay coincided with the RSGB IOTA contest weekend, and we participated in the contest.

It has been several months since I checked the RSGB website for results postings. The contest scores were posted to their site In January, but the official list of trophy winners had not been finalized at that time. But I checked today, and there is ‘N4A’ in the “Island Low Power” category.

NA High Score Plaque (Expedition Only) N4A NA-067


Well, actually it was very HOT, and also very HUMID. The end of July might be a great time for an outing in Great Britain, but it is definitively NOT such a good choice weather wise for the coast in the south-eastern USA. And with the temp already at 100 here in the first week of June, the outlook for this year is grim.

N4YDU did 95 percent of the QSO’s, so it is a good milestone for Nate. But I went along for the ride, so I’ll be happy to take credit too. 😉

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