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K2 Impressions – Part 3

Ok. Let me preface this by saying the following is pretty childish in the grand scheme of things. There are many far more positive things about the K2 than negative, but I will vent here, and thereby cleanse my system of the negative vibes once and for all.

Here are the major problems I have with the K2 as of 2day.

  1. The low speaker audio level. This one is the most obvious.
  2. The DB9 connector used for the KIO2 or KPA100 computer interface. This one bothers me because the K2 actually requires a specially wired cable for computer interfacing. Using the standard DB9 serial connector is just begging someone to plug in the wrong cable and toast the radio, the computer or both. I don’t really know what connector might have been a better choice, as all 9 pins are used for the computer/KPA100 cable, but there must be a better answer. There is at least one mod that describes altering the radio connector and cable connector to be “keyed”. Its a good idea, if I can figure out how to slot the female side of the cable. Dremel tool?
  3. I need a cheat sheet for all of the combination functions. The local brain has ceased storing such information in a reliable fashion. (Yeah, yeah – not really a K2 problem.)
  4. and….well….That’s IT so far. Shoot, there are more things than that that I don’t like about the FT-920.

Did I mention the K2 is a really good CW radio?

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