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Peasants With Pitchforks

Greetings Comrades!  More information is now available from our sources at the Ministry of Truth.

Many thanks to our ardent supporters in San Fransisco.  Without fine citizens such as these, suppressing the money grubbing capitalist Kulaks would be far more difficult.  We are only disappointed to see no one had their turtle costume for this event.

The Ministry of Truth has issued a statement that will be of interest to all GoodThink Peeps in the Republic.  We now know that the Administration hopes that we will benefit from the Benevolence of Dear Exalted Leader forever! This will be made possible through the work of our fine scientists pioneer work with amateur operators from the 75 meter nets!

We have word direct from the Ministry of Trooth that Our Benevolent Dear Exalted Leader ObaMao is himself quite please with the ringing endorsement given to the administration of the New Peeps Republic by Comrade Castro, the original el Jeffe’ himself!  This most unexpected vote of confidence in the direction of the New Peeps Republic is another indictation of the historical nature of the changes sweeping clean the face of the Peeps!

Finally, we need to ask you hear the words of the Great Satan, idol of the money grubbing capitalist Kulaks.  It is imperative you become familiar with the arguments of the Great Satan, lest you be unable to refute his arguments should you hear them mentioned.



2 comments to Peasants With Pitchforks

  • steve

    I only wissh I knew what you were on about!

    • Quite simple Comrade OM. Just don’t care for recent domestic developments which grant the domestic government such a broad increase in new powers to agencies that are not accountable in any useful manner to the general public. If the new laws were about helping sick folks rather than expanding the power of plutocrats, I would feel differently. If I wanted a social democracy, a autocratic overlord, a centrally planned communistic society, the world offers many choices. We’ve been pissing off the legacy given us by our [and some of your] ancestors for over 50 years now. Its just so very disappointing to have lived to see the beginning of the end of our experiment in a form of the representative republic. Perhaps a POV more widespread than you may be led to believe, depending upon your sources of information. [However of late I have found that sources of news from the UK to be more objective than our own in many cases. Probably the emotional detachment helps.]

      de’ Tocqueville foresaw the nature of our demise.

      That short description leaves out much nuance, but that is it in a nutshell. A more detailed discussion is as out of place here as the last three posts…..I sense the time may be ripe to banish Baghdad Bob and the Voice of ObaMaoism, and return the bandwidth to normal amateur usages.

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