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A New Day Dawns

Greetings comrades!  A new day dawns as the work to overthrow the bourgeois Republic of Kulaks gains unstoppable  momentum!
Comrade Most Exalted Leader today will host a ceremony to celebrate the passage of the Enabling Act.  I’m sure all of the racist Kulaks will somehow see significance in this day, just completely by coincidence coinciding with the anniversary of the 1933 Enabling Law passed by the Reichstag.
Dismiss these foolish comparisons!  Our own fearless Diet leadership has crafted a more masterful  ‘Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich’ which bears absolutely no resemblance to that used by previous National Socialists to overthrow their own republic.    Our leaders have done a masterful job of crafting a much more indirect route to the creation of The Peoples paradise as foreseen by Fearless Leader Most Exalted ObaMao.  Previous governments foolishly chose a direct approach, penning only a single page.  Our Enabling Law is several THOUSAND pages.  The Kulaks will never be able to unravel this Gordian knot before it is too late!
Says a government spokesman:  “The government will make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures…The number of cases in which an internal necessity exists for having recourse to such a law is in itself a limited one.”
So comrades, go forth and cast aspersions on all Kulaks who would question the wisdom of our own superior  Ermächtigungsgesetz.  Be certain to collect and make note of their names, as preparations for “shovel ready” work camps are being made!

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