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New Blog Theme

After a few weeks of off-and-on dorking around with themes for the Cape Lookout Expeditions website, I think I finally found one I really like.  So its going to turn up here soon too. 

Right now the hold-ups are desired customizations to the theme.  Unless I find a widget closer to what I’d like to see, getting the sidebars to display links ordered the way I’d like them is problematic. 

I like the expedition photo banners, but there are a lot of shots I can add from around the KazShack.

4 comments to New Blog Theme

  • Hi, Keith

    I’m really tired tonight and I wanted to say your new blog theme is an excellent choice. I found when tired my writing begins to ramble, nice job, and best from the shackadelic on the beach.

    73 and Regards,

    • Well thanks. Not a lot of difference, except now I get to see some of my photos more often. I’ll probably even begin to take two versions of a shot, a normal photo and another that is framed for use as a banner.

      Hope you catch up on your rest es gl with the QSO’s on 160m. I’m fairly new to it myself and it is an interesting band.

      73 de W4KAZ

  • Keith,
    the new theme is very eye-catching. The green stuff really pops out at you. Also like the revolving pictures. Only one complaint – the translation box in the upper right hand corner has no options for either Cajun or Redneck. Seems rather limited to me. Someday the LIDS webmaster will update the Fi-Ni Report to look half as good as this one.

    73, Cuz

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