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Flotsam and Jetsam

These items washed ashore on the most recent web surf. Not really related to anything I generallylog regarding the KazShack activities, but some of it caught my interest enough to save the links here rather than get lost in the BookMarkMultiverse.

A useful chart of the evolution of storage. It unfortunately omits Hollerith punch cards,cassette storage, the 8 inch floppy, tape drives, or the old mainframe removable spindle drives. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

This is just plain cool, and its available as a kit. The LED Bulbdial Shadow Clock from EvilMadScience. Way cool.

These would just be fun to slap on a jewel case of any program. Originally issued for Vista I suppose, but fun to slap on the kid’s PC games – just to see if they react. Be great back on the floor of tech weenie cubicals too.

DAMN! Somebody stole another one of my ideas. Well, OK, I suppose they arrived at the same mental junction independently, but if I still had access to a welder, I’d have made some already.

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