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Seeing Spots – Cycle 24

This is a few days old, but a link from G3XBM blog sent me over to the current sunspot and 10.7cm flux projections for the next five years.

It looks like high end projection nowtops out at about 100. Based oncomparisons with the last cycle toreported contest scores, we can expect better 10m activity with sunspot numbers over about 60. That’s not to say there will be zilch before then, or that a flux associated with the 60 spot count will guarantee band openings. We won’t cross the 50 number in the projections before the end of next year. [Hopefully.]

It also looks like 15m propagation should show improvements with only a moderately slight improvement in the solar activity. YipppEEEEE! That could mean Field Day 2010 would be more interesting if 15m activity can be increased.

O’course, projections arereally just guesses – cuz no one really knows enough yet to make a high confidence level prediction. Maybe in a couple more centuries of observation and computer modeling, but not today.

I’ve always favored the lower sunspot numberprojection, but was hoping I was wrong. But like the great big ball-o-fire itself, nothing is set in stone.

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