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W4KAZ IOTA M/S 2023 with N4YDU from NA-067, Cape Lookout NC, POTA K-0683

Sand and Radio

What could be more fun than dancing the biting fly dance to set up antennas for playing radio in the sand and sun? Hmmmmm.

The weather on the south core banks(‘Great’ Island) gave glimpses of gloom but mostly cooperated very well for a change. Arriving at the cabin about 1pm local(1700Z) allowed us to unload gear and set up masts and antennas in the normal sunny sandy heat.Â

Photo Album   w4kaz M/S 2023 IOTA photo album   [Most photos by N4YDU]   Â

Antennas and Station

The main antenna was a 40m/20m trap dipole, with a 15m/10m dipole as a second. We also set up a 40m EFHW that allowed use of its radiator as an 80m inv L vertical. We also set up a BOG as an rx antenna using about 200 feet of wire and a transformer. The BOG made use of the generator hut’s ground wire. The EFHW was fed on 80m against an 80m folded counterpoise.

2023 W4KAZ M/S Iota – Right/background is the 40m/20m trap dipole on its telescoping mast. Left/foreground is the mast to elevate the end of the EFHW.

The generator ground was free because power was supplied via LifePo4 batteries. These were supplemented by 200 watts of solar cells once they got plugged in again after being knocked loose. The main radio used is an Elecraft K3.


The operating was at times interesting […]

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