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Red Pitaya SDR as Core of CW Skimmer Station Rebuild.

Update 2021-10-24. Additional info on setup by Bjorn, SM7IUN.  Bjorn describes set up for running a second skimmer thread, but the forked Red Pitaya output can also be used to run a skimmer thread and an SDR with some experimentation. see:

[Updates, 2018-08-22, also see:Â Red Pitaya SDR as Core of CW Skimmer, Part2:Â A link to status updates and additional notes going forward]

[Updated 2017-07-11, also see text on my own compatibility issue]

Bob, N6TV has a step by step guide on setting up a Red Pitaya posted to the skimmertalk list in which he documents version compatibility issues he encountered and outlines the steps he needed to follow to get his system functional.  As of this date it seems wise to follow these instructions, or know that by diverging you may encounter issues of your own.  There is also an illustrated how-to guide now available from the folks at

[Updated 2016-12-23, see text on Compatibility issue]

Recently discovered an interesting,  affordable,  and relatively new product called Red Pitaya, designed as an open source based piece of test equipment. As a piece of test equipment the Red Pitaya has basic oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and signal generator apps available. The apps are designed to run as web applications with Red Pitaya board running a custom Linux and acting as a web server.  Currently the apps are quite basic, but useful despite their simplicity.

Possibly more interesting for hams are the SDR […]

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2015 IOTA Recap W4O – Better Late Than Never

Photo of most of the 2015 IOTA station from Okracoke Island.

Most of the 2015 W4O IOTA station from Okracoke Island.

Tri band yagi at 18 feet.

After a lot of foot dragging and interruptions, all of the components required for a 100w battery operation had been acquired at casa W4KAZ in late spring 2015. Â The first test run was a 1E Field day operation at home. Â But better to put it to use afield.

So N4YDU was game for the field test on Okracoke island for 2015 IOTA. Â N4YDU and I operated as W4O from Okracoke Island on the NC outer banks, just south of Hatteras. Â Access to Okracoke is by boat, so we booked slots on the ferry out of Swan Quarter for Thursday afternoon. Â This worked well, allowing for set up and test operating well before the Saturday start. Â Also a nice break for a meal for lunch Friday down in Okracoke village. Â QTH of the operation was the NPS campground on Okracoke.

WX Conditions on Thursday were cool with an all day drizzle. Â Ugly, but no thunder and lightening, so not terrible. Â Set up of camp was delayed until early evening. Â Thursday night was warm, damp and still. Â Friday morning brought clear skies and an nice cooling breeze out of the north. Â The WX was much improved for the rest of the weekend. Â Thursdays rain was the harbinger of a very welcome unseasonable cool front, and WX for the bulk […]

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